Lab Donations

Dear Parents,

Throughout the year, there are various needs of running the Computer Lab that generally go unnoticed. For example, to clean properly the whiteboard I need to use expo spray so as to not ruin the board. But each year this item always is in short supply and the office does not always give me the amounts I need. Another example is the need to print grade cards, progress reports, and or STAR test results for the staff all of which are administered and printed not from the office but from the computer lab. So in this request, I ask for 1 ream of printer paper per family so all our needs throughout the year are taken care of without having to take from the teachers or the office. In short, the list below is of items the Computer Lab typically needs and appreciates your help in acquiring.

1.) Colored Folders
2.) Index Cards
3.) Number 2 Pencils
4.) Pencil Sharpener
5.) Expo Markers – Thin tip
6.) Highlighters Pack of 12
7.) Copy Paper
8.) Lamination Sheets
Thank you in advance….
God Bless,
Mr. Stark

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