Google Classroom Seminar’s


Google Classroom Seminar will continue at Ascension Catholic School in the computer lab every first Saturday, starting February 4, 2017.

Google Classroom is completely free to all parents and parishioners. Come join Mr. Stark, M.S.Ed., Miss. J. Rueda, M.A.Ed., and Miss. D. Rueda, M.A.Ed., from 10 am-12 noon for a morning filled with Google based, Common Core driven Reading, Math, and Computer resources that every parent can easily implement to help your child be more successful in all their educational endeavours.

Need to know what was discussed in the last Seminar?  Contact Mr. Stark after school from 3:00-3:45.

Upcoming topics for the New Year:

  • Google Search Techniques – Get more out of Google Search!
  • More Reading / ELA strategies
  • Math Strategies
  • Google Classroom Revised
  • Digital Tools and more

Invest in your child this Christmas – Give them a Chromebook they can bring to school which is dedicated to Google Classroom – Click Here


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