Renaissance Learning – STAR TESTING CYCLE 2

All students will be taking the STAR TEST in each grade level from Kinder – 8th this next week starting Monday, October 26, 2015 – Friday, October 30, 2015.


Please have your students at school and ready for the STAR TEST. Please view the following suggestions that can help you have your children ready;

 1.       Start with a heavy and healthy breakfast.

2.       Stick to frequent, small meals.

3.       Include proteins in their diet.

4.       Keep them hydrated.

5.       Avoid too much caffeine.

6.      Avoid too much sugar and processed foods.

7.       Make sure they get their stress-buster foods.

8.       Give them foods to increase efficiency of the brain.

9.       Don’t miss out on memory enhancer foods.

10.   Avoid eating outside food during exams.

Please visit the following website for more details on the types of foods mentioned above: Click Here

Please visit both Miss. Rueda 2nd Grade Link: & Miss. Rueda 3rd Grade Link to see what they are suggesting for your kids.

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