What is Google Classroom? Why do you need to attend? 


I am excited to invite all parents to our first Google Classroom Seminar hosted here at Ascension Catholic School.  I urge everyone who has a student enrolled to come Friday, October 9, 2015 to one of our three free sessions that should answer all your questions  about the online free platform all our students from 2nd -8th will be engaging with over the course of this school year. Topics that will be discussed is as follows:

google edu

1.) What is Google Classroom

2.) How to login

3.) How to navigate the platform

4.) How to submit assignments

5.) How to monitor your child’s account

6.) Explain Google Drive, and Docs.

Please RSVP to the office 323-756-4064 the time that works best for you – 5-6PM,  6-7PM, 7-8PM. The seminar will be held in the school lab. Translation will be available by Miss J. Rueda, and Miss D. Rueda. Each session is limited to 25 parents because there will be activities for parents to complete on the school computers.

OR Signup Here!

arrow-35  CLICK HERE

I look forward to seeing everyone there!


Mr. Stark

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