Google Classroom Part Two

Google Seminar – Hands On!


I wanted to thank all the parents who took the time to be here at Ascension in the Lab this past Friday evening.  For those who came they received the User Name and Password to their child’s Google Classroom Account.  They where shown how to log-in and view assignments.  This is a very important step because as we move forward students will need to become more accountable for the learning that is taking place and this involves all parents and teachers equally to help our students in this process.

Google Classroom Seminar part 2

google edu

Many of the parents who came to part 1 asked for a hands-on class.  So it is my great pleasure to announce that Mrs. De La Rosa was very happy that parents wanted a second class. The goal for part 2 is to open the computers in the Lab and login to your students accounts.  The three exercise’s  should take about an hour and will be very hands -on from start to finish.  Again, Miss D. Rueda, and Miss J. Rueda will be here to support the Spanish speakers in our community.

I am looking forward to this next event and hope many more parents can attend.  Tentatively we will be looking to hold two classes both being an hour on a Friday night from 5-6 and 6:30-7:30.   Please feel free to contact me directly after school or by email if you have any question, concerns, comments.

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Mr. Stark – Director of Technology




What is Google Classroom? Why do you need to attend? 


I am excited to invite all parents to our first Google Classroom Seminar hosted here at Ascension Catholic School.  I urge everyone who has a student enrolled to come Friday, October 9, 2015 to one of our three free sessions that should answer all your questions  about the online free platform all our students from 2nd -8th will be engaging with over the course of this school year. Topics that will be discussed is as follows:

google edu

1.) What is Google Classroom

2.) How to login

3.) How to navigate the platform

4.) How to submit assignments

5.) How to monitor your child’s account

6.) Explain Google Drive, and Docs.

Please RSVP to the office 323-756-4064 the time that works best for you – 5-6PM,  6-7PM, 7-8PM. The seminar will be held in the school lab. Translation will be available by Miss J. Rueda, and Miss D. Rueda. Each session is limited to 25 parents because there will be activities for parents to complete on the school computers.

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I look forward to seeing everyone there!


Mr. Stark

Welcome to Computer Class – School Year 2015-16!


Welcome back to all my parents and students in all grade levels to another exciting year here at Ascension Catholic School!  I always want to say hello and welcome to all the new parents and students who will be attending the computer classes for the first time.  My goal is to build the most successful and productive computer class ever! To begin I would like to give all students and parents the main avenue to stay in communication with me and to the school.

First and foremost I have an open door policy. Please feel free to visit with me after school in the computer lab M-F.

Secondly, you can leave a comment on this webpage… so please leave a comment below. (Remember to be active on the webpage as this is where you will find all course work and assignments I will be assigning throughout the year with due dates and rubrics.)

Thirdly,  you can find comments and assignment along with your child’s grades on Grade Link. Click Here to log in.

Fourthly, please show your support for our school community through being active on the school’s Facebook Fan Page. Click Here!


On this website you will find a page for every Computer Class that I teach.  To find the pages click on the icon at the top of this webpage with the three lines.

To begin it is very important for all parents to read through the Parents Page and make sure all forms are signed and returned within the first week of School.

On the his Classes Page you will find what is happening within each classroom and specific resources at grade level for your child to use at home to increase their computer related skills.

I look forward to hearing from all of you very soon,

God Bless,

Mr. Stark