Lab Rules

* Treat everyone with Respect

  • Do not insult or make fun of anyone ever
  • Listen to others when they speak
  • Value everyone’s opinion
  • Be considerate of everyone’s likes and dislikes
  • Do not mock or tease people
  • Do not talk about people behind their back
  • Be sensitive to other people’s feelings
  • Do not pressure other’s to do something they do not want to do

* Respect School property

  • No food or drinks allowed in the classroom – ever!
  • Use Google SAFE SEARCH only to search the internet. (The link is in your Google Classroom as announcement 3-20-2016)
  • Students may never access the internet to login to personal sites on the web
    • Personal Emails- that is not assigned by a teacher
    • Personal Facebook
    • Personal Instagram
    • Personal Youtube – that is not assigned by a teacher
    • Personal Pandora and or Spotify
  • Do not unplug any cables on your own from any computer unless being guided by the computer teacher
  • Please login to Google Classroom from home to complete work assigned which is an extension of what is being taught in any of your classes, (This is not Home Work and must be completed by the student by the due date.) 
  • Missing or incomplete work is the student’s sole responsibility 
  • Any work turned in late will be received and given a grade of “C” or lower. For work that is not received by the end of the Trimester will be reduced to an “F”
  • Make sure your hands and keyboards are clean before and after using them, (Hand sanitizer will be given to those students who do not have their own)